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Let Me Game in Peace

NovelLet Me Game in PeaceLet Me Game in Peace
Chapter 1035 – Surrender uncovered lying
“You should know about perfectly that it’s difficult for those bureau for taking receipt of your s.p.a.ce match. If you think maybe me, there is still a possibility. In case you don’t believe me, there won’t certainly be a opportunity in anyway.” Zhou Wen appeared back then on his smartphone. “I’ll give you an hour. When you can mail the s.p.a.ce meets over, I ensure that the bureau is going to take sales receipt of those and pay you appropriately. The principle is We have to check out those s.p.a.ce meets with my own eye.”
Visiting the moon feels like a great idea. It won’t be difficult to use the Mayhem Bead to hold enough air, food, and liquid for your calendar month.
Let Me Game in Peace
To his amaze, Zhou Wen claimed, “Director-General Shen plus the bureau happen to be attempting to arrest me for years. My arrest justify should certainly be holding on Director-Normal Shen’s wall surface, I suppose?”
It wasn’t well known because aside from the individuals the bureau, only a few individuals could type in Heavens Pa.s.s. Very few persons realized what was within.
Let Me Game in Peace

Atmosphere Pa.s.s was generally known as the main pa.s.s worldwide. It turned out a very renowned and unfamiliar dimensional region from the Imperial Funds.
Legend experienced it until this was an unbreachable home. In those days, Sky Pa.s.s was incredibly prominent. Numerous pros hoped to always be the first one to enter into.
“That depends on the environment. There are so many alarming phenomena in s.p.a.ce so it wouldn’t be of much use even if you wore a s.p.a.ce fit. The main use presently is in locations such as Moon and s.p.a.ce stations. If it’s in a relatively secure vicinity on the Moon, so long as there’s enough fresh air, food items, and liquid, the s.p.a.ce suit I make won’t possess any difficulties normally, to obtain a year or so. On condition that the lifespan assistance system isn’t damaged, there is no need to stress about emergency.” When Tang Zhizhong pointed out the s.p.a.ce satisfy, he immediately grew to become extremely self-assured.
Tang Zhizhong was overjoyed when he heard that. “That’s good. Our team is kept. Sir, what is your company name? What’s your interaction.h.i.+p with Director-Basic Shen? Have you been his comparable?”
“110 collections,” Tang Zhizhong answered.
Zhou Wen endured in front of Skies Pa.s.s and saw a beautiful metropolis entrance tower. Nevertheless, this town wall was forty meters large. Over the large signboard, there were clearly four spectacular ideas: “World’s Number One Pa.s.s.”
Tang Zhizhong also attained other company’s s.p.a.ce accommodates to accomplish a comparison test out. He found that their s.p.a.ce matches have been not as nice as his company’s, which produced Tang Zhizhong really mad.
Arranged Marriage: To Hear Your Voice
“Can I try to eat and ingest while using a s.p.a.ce accommodate?” Zhou Wen questioned Tang Zhizhong. At the same time, he thought to themself,
The Moccasin Ranch
To his shock, Zhou Wen stated, “Director-Standard Shen as well as the bureau have already been trying to arrest me for some time. My arrest justify should remain dangling on Director-Typical Shen’s wall surface, I assume?”
Regrettably, regardless if they attacked Heavens Pa.s.s with Mythical Partner Beasts, no-one could burst throughout the town gates.
“May I realize what you do?” Tang Zhizhong viewed Zhou Wen in big surprise.
“Many folks the bureau know me, which include Director-General Shen Yuchi,” Zhou Wen said having a grin.
It wasn’t famous because in addition to the people in the bureau, not many folks could enter in Heavens Pa.s.s. A small number of persons was aware what was interior.
The key reason why this position was well-known was that during the generations since Skies Pa.s.s was a dimensional sector, not one person had been ready to enter into Heavens Pa.s.s with the most important entrance. Down the road, another person found out a special method to bypa.s.s the key entry and key in.
Let Me Game in Peace
“They are still in the storage place. The bureau has actually been trying to find a lot of reasons to not acquire sales receipt of these. I only believe that they can consider the s.p.a.ce meets even though I’m necessary to kneel and kowtow. There are several workers on the company that are counting on the s.p.a.ce suit fee for their wages,” Tang Zhizhong explained by using a lengthy facial area.
“Many folks the bureau know me, like Director-Normal Shen Yuchi,” Zhou Wen stated by using a look.
Tang Zhizhong created a call up and contacted his team to have these people to give the s.p.a.ce suits above immediately.
Tang Zhizhong was already dumbfounded. A good fool could tell that Zhou Wen really was a needed illegal of the bureau, but wait, how could a wanted felony be so silly in regards to surrender him self?
There weren’t lots of technological innovation providers today, also it was extremely tough to enable them to make it through. Tang Zhizhong arrived this period while he hoped which the bureau could take sales receipt on the set of s.p.a.ce satisfies based on the plan. It didn’t matter whenever they discontinued the partners.h.i.+p later on.
Zhou Wen didn’t solution. He stood before Atmosphere Pa.s.s and considered the guards around the location door tower.
“Can I try to eat and ingest while using a s.p.a.ce suit?” Zhou Wen expected Tang Zhizhong. As well, he considered to him or her self,
Let Me Game in Peace
Tang Zhizhong was already dumbfounded. Even a deceive could show that Zhou Wen was a wished legal in the bureau, but how could a sought offender be so silly about surrender themself?
Seeing the moon feels like advisable. It won’t be a challenge to utilize the Chaos Bead to carry enough fresh air, food, and liquid for a 30 days.
Let Me Game in Peace
Tang Zhizhong was already dumbfounded. A deceive could convey to that Zhou Wen was really a wished illegal of your bureau, wait, how could a sought criminal be so absurd concerning surrender themselves?
Zhou Wen withstood facing Heavens Pa.s.s and observed a stunning community gate tower. On the other hand, the town wall surface was forty m taller. Over the taller signboard, there were clearly four spectacular words and phrases: “World’s # 1 Pa.s.s.”

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