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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
2397 Shouldn’t Anger A Girl picture paper
Just one second…
Two seconds…
It showed up Madam was rather infuriated this point.
Right after coming into the room, Yin Yuerong set up Tangtang down but didn’t strike him out, so Tangtang pattered around and glued himself to her.
Ah-Zhong harrumphed and walked towards the analysis entrance. He quietly mentioned, “Madam, I’ve boiled calming herbal tea for you…”
Just before Ah-Zhong could finish off, they listened to the sound of a mug hitting the entrance with a bang and shattering. “Scram!”
“Auntie Qiao, I’m concerned about Grandma. Can I go in and determine Granny?” the little fella inquired.
Auntie Qiao was reluctant. “Um…”
“Why? How do you know it’s your dad’s error?”
Disbelief packed Oh-Zhong’s face. “Madam, I was just worried about your quality of life and boiled a cup of green tea on your behalf. It’s clearly this minimal brat who’s undisciplined and makes unsettling you, Madam…”
Ah-Zhong didn’t dare to state anything at all in their fright.
Yin Yuerong silently inserted her examine and stayed on the inside.
Two seconds…
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Ah-Zhong went through with a cup of herbal tea at hand and angrily glared their way. “The investigation is a vital place no person but Madam can enter in!”
Yin Yuerong: “…”
Some time later, Tangtang walked more than. “Auntie Qiao, Auntie Qiao, where’s Grandma?”
Oh-Zhong immediately glared at him. “Minimal brat, how dare you are making this a great deal disturbance? Want to expire?!”
It made an appearance Madam was rather infuriated this point.
Tangtang’s eyeballs transformed and he responded with no hint of doubt, “Then Daddy is a significant meanie!”
Just before Oh-Zhong could finish, they read the noise of a mug showing up in the door that has a bang and shattering. “Scram!”
Yin Yuerong was inflammed. “Check out the Abuse Hall yourself and be given your punishment!”
A few seconds…
Oh-Zhong s.h.i.+vered from fright. “Yes… yes…”
Tangtang sounded make a difference-of-point. “Since like a male, he should safeguard girls and shouldn’t fury them!”
“Auntie Qiao, I’m concerned with Granny. Am I Allowed To get in and see Grandma?” the small fella asked.
Tangtang frowned deeply and withstood in front of the home, delicately knocking on the front door. “Grandmother, it’s Tangtang. Can One type in?”
It had been quite a long time simply because experienced noticed Madam this angry…
Yin Yuerong forgotten about him and peered with the little one by her feet. She discovered his confront, which extremely resembled his dad, and her confront cooled further. “Who helped you to have a ruckus here?”
Oh-Zhong didn’t dare to talk about anything on his fright.
It was a long time because they acquired witnessed Madam this angry…
“Um… I don’t know…” Auntie Qiao replied.
Even though it was actually the Arbitration Council, there wasn’t anyone that would dare to antagonize their madam.

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